Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy After 35

Pregnant woman in a floral dress and pink sweater standing next to a crib, holding her belly

Pregnancy after 35 can be healthy with proper planning and care. Understand potential risks, seek preconception checkups, maintain healthy habits, and attend all prenatal appointments to ensure a positive experience and a healthy baby.

Overcoming the Challenges of High-Risk Pregnancies

Woman with a high risk pregnancy during an ultrasound at a doctor's office

Navigating a high-risk pregnancy involves seeking specialized care, educating yourself, building a support network, following doctor’s orders, and being flexible. Prioritize self-care and be prepared for potential complications to ensure the best outcomes for both mother and baby.

The Influence of Social Media & Pop Culture on Pregnancy Decisions

Woman sitting next to a couch, scrolling on her cell phone

Social media and pop culture can significantly influence pregnancy decisions, creating feelings of FOMO, comparison, and misinformation. These platforms shape perceptions and expectations about pregnancy. It’s crucial to approach these influences critically, seek reliable information, and consult healthcare providers for informed decisions.

Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy in a New Relationship

A couple embracing each other while a woman holds a pregnancy test

The AHAF team discusses managing an unexpected pregnancy in a new relationship, emphasizing honest communication, building a support network, and planning for the future, regardless of whether the partner stays or leaves. The blog encourages resilience and seeking help through available resources.

The Role of Hormones During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman sitting with her legs crossed, with her hands on her belly

This article delves into the crucial roles of hormones during pregnancy, including hCG, progesterone, estrogen, relaxin, and oxytocin. It explains their contributions to pregnancy health, from facilitating conception to aiding in labor. Understanding these hormones’ effects helps anticipate physical and emotional changes, emphasizing their importance for a healthy pregnancy.

The Effects of Alcohol Use During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman holding a glass of wine

This article discusses the dangers of alcohol use during pregnancy, highlighting the risk of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) which can cause physical, behavioral, and cognitive impairments in children. It stresses the importance of an alcohol-free pregnancy for the child’s health and development, advocating for awareness, education, and prenatal counseling.

Understanding the Risks of Various Birth Control Methods

Various methods of birth control on a purple background

This article examines the risks of various birth control methods, including hormonal pills, LARCs, and barrier methods, highlighting potential health concerns like blood clots, mood swings, and insertion complications to aid in making informed contraceptive choices.

The Importance of STD Testing During Pregnancy

Gynecologist holding a swab and test tube for STD testing during pregnancy

This article emphasizes the importance of STD testing during pregnancy, highlighting its role in protecting maternal health, preventing transmission to the unborn child, and empowering expectant parents. It underscores how early detection and treatment of STDs contribute to a safer pregnancy and informed healthcare decisions.

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