5 Benefits of Sexual Abstinence for Women

woman meditating at home

This blog outlines five benefits of sexual abstinence for women, including enhanced emotional and physical health, reduced relationship pressures, focused pursuit of personal goals, and increased autonomy and self-discovery.

How to Support a Friend Considering Abortion

A woman consoling her pregnant friend who is considering an abortion

This article provides guidance on offering genuine support to a friend facing an abortion decision, emphasizing empathy, exploring all options, and respecting personal choices.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries in a Relationship

A young couple sitting across from one another on a picnic bench while holding hands

This article delves into establishing healthy boundaries in relationships, highlighting the importance of dealing with boundary crossings, and maintaining self-respect. It covers how to set, respect, and enforce boundaries, ensuring healthier interactions and emphasizing the necessity of mutual respect in all relationship dynamics.

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