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The Positive Impact of Parenting: The Joys of Choosing Life

A mother embracing her toddler child while doing crafts at a table

Parenting is a journey filled with profound rewards and transformative experiences. Choosing life by embracing the role of a parent can bring unparalleled joy, growth, and fulfillment. Sometimes becoming a parent is something women and families have wanted more than anything; other times it is an unexpected, unplanned surprise. Either way, becoming a parent can feel intimidating with many unknowns ahead. While that doesn’t fully go away—because parenting is a never-ending adventure of learning—there is countless joy in choosing life that leads to a deeply rewarding future.


There is a profound sense of fulfillment that comes with choosing to be a parent—a kind of satisfaction and love unknown before their existence. At some point, it becomes difficult to remember a world without your child, as they bring a newfound level of amazement and purpose to life. Watching your child grow, learn, and develop into the person they will become is a deeply rewarding experience.

mother high fiving her daughter who is wearing a backpack and holding folders

The journey is filled with memorable firsts: their first steps, first sports games, first school projects (which you spend hours working on together), and first victories. Each milestone you share with them becomes an extension of yourself, forging a unique bond that only deepens with time. You feel their joy, you hurt when they hurt, and you celebrate them even when they may not realize how important they are.

Parenting is a beautiful relationship marked by joy in everyday moments. Whether it’s a simple smile, a shared laugh, or the quiet comfort of a bedtime story, these little moments collectively create a tapestry of fulfillment and happiness. The love you give and receive as a parent provides an unparalleled sense of purpose and contentment, making the challenges and sacrifices of parenting well worth it.


Whether you’re a young parent, or are having kids later in life, oftentimes, our children unknowingly help us grow up as well. Firstly, children’s curiosity and excitement for life encourage parents to rediscover the world. When your child starts to question things, usually by the age of three, they instinctively seek logic and begin to see the world differently. Their endless questions may seem tedious (how many times do they have to ask why the sky is blue?), but these inquiries are signs of their growing brain and improving analytical skills. Engaging with these questions allows parents to see the world through fresh eyes, fostering a sense of wonder and excitement that may have faded with age.

 Moreover, children’s exploration of new ideas and concepts often leads parents to revisit topics they may have forgotten or overlooked. Whether it’s helping with a school project, explaining the basics of science, or exploring nature together, parents are continually learning and relearning alongside their children. This shared journey of discovery not only strengthens the parent-child bond but also encourages lifelong learning.

Additionally, children’s social interactions can teach parents valuable lessons in empathy and communication. Watching how children make friends, resolve conflicts, and express emotions can provide insights into human behavior and interpersonal relationships applicable in all areas of life.

As your child grows, so do their ideas and perspectives. The journey you take with them helps parents find a renewed sense of wonder and a commitment to lifelong learning. This continuous cycle of learning and growth enriches the lives of both parents and children, making the parenting journey a profoundly rewarding experience.

Love & Perspective

Parenting can be messy. It won’t look like the Pinterest board you’ve saved or the picture-perfect world of TikTok influencers—and that’s a blessing. Perfection isn’t the goal, and it’s certainly not expected by your child. When difficult days arise, children are often the first to find joy again, to hug and kiss you goodnight, and to reassure you, the adult, that everything will be okay. These are the true benefits of parenting.

Mother embracing her son as they both smile

Their innocence and love offer us an opportunity to see the world through their eyes, filled with hope, forgiveness, and love. The bond between parent and child is one of the purest forms of love. This unconditional love is a source of immense comfort and happiness, providing emotional support through life’s challenges.

Children offer a fresh perspective on life. Their curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm for the little things can help parents see the world in a new light. This renewed perspective brings a sense of excitement and discovery to everyday experiences, reminding us of the simple joys in life. Through their eyes, we learn to appreciate the beauty in small moments, fostering a deeper connection to the world around us and to our own purpose.

Embracing the Benefits of Parenting

Choosing life by embracing the role of a parent is a decision that brings immense rewards. The loving fulfillment, personal growth, and countless joyful memories are just a few of the many benefits. While parenting comes with its challenges, the rewards far outweigh them, making it one of the most enriching experiences life has to offer. 

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